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Reflecting on our past and embracing our future: Senators Joyal and Seidman release book of essays that commemorates Canada and the Senate’s 150th Anniversary (Senate)

On May 14, 2019, senators celebrated the launch of a new collection of essays that commemorates the 150thanniversaries of Canada and the Senate — a project two years in the making.

Senators Serge Joyal and Judith G. Seidman co-edited and contributed to the book, titled Reflecting on our Past and Embracing our Future: A Senate Initiative for Canada.

two-day symposium hosted by the Senate in May 2017 brought together 22 renowned experts (diplomats, politicians, scientists and human rights leaders) to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and share their wisdom and experience of events that have marked Canada over the last fifty years. 

Published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, the book contains thought-provoking essays on a wide range of subjects including language and gender issues, economic and science matters, and the role of the Senate.

“The purpose behind this entire process is to enrich democratic debate in Parliament,” senators Joyal and Seidman wrote in the book’s preface.

“Because that is where choices and decisions that affect all Canadians are made and where the course for the future is charted.”

Speaker of the Senate George J. Furey, whose welcoming address to the symposium has been included in the book, congratulated senators Joyal and Seidman on their achievement.

“This book is a collection of powerful ideas from a distinguished and diverse group of Canadians,” he said.

“It gives fascinating insight into our history and offers bold visions of what the future might hold — and the role the Senate can play in getting us there.”