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Third Pillar - Summary of presentation by the Honourable Serge Joyal, PC to the Special Joint Committee Reviewing Canadian Foreign Policy

Summary of presentation by the Honourable Serge Joyal, PC

International cultural policy in the context of a new market characterized by mastery of knowledge and competition in innovation, creativity and excellence

(1) Definition of mandate given by Department of Canadian Heritage

-scope and limitations

(2) Economic importance of cultural sector

-percentage of GDP
-number of workers
-role of small and medium-sized businesses

(3) International impact of cultural policy

-importance of activities by G-7 countries: France, Britain, Germany, Japan, the US, Italy
-means for these countries to affirm their leadership through the quality of their products, which become the standard and define others' standards

(4) Cultural policy as one of three pillars of foreign policy

-political mission
-commercial mission
-cultural mission

Advisability for Canada of redefining its role at this stage. Leadership to be assumed in a field in which its role is essential.

(5) Brief history of evolution of Canadian initiatives in international cultural policy

-affirmation of identity
-support for cultural events as a complement to political and business activities
-publicizing quality of most successful accomplishments

(6) Difficulties in developing a genuine international cultural policy

-scattered resources
-reduced financial resources
-poorly targeted objectives in comparison with professional, well-funded competitors

(7) International cultural policy: a strategic decision for Canada

-tools the Canadian government has available
-importance of international markets to the survival of artists, troupes, companies, corporations
-impact on domestic market
-multiplier effect of federal investment

(8) stages in setting up a genuine international cultural policy list resources

-confirm the will to co-ordinate
-free up personnel
-define an action plan and strategy by sector and by region
-redefine status of commercial officers, culturalofficers and cultural centres
-combine cultural mission and diplomatic mission

                                                                            Serge Joyal, P.C.