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Air Transport - Implementation of Heald, Sinclair, Chouinard Report - Commons Debates

Mr. Serge Joyal (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve): Mr. Speaker, I should like to put a question to the Minister of Transport.  On November 16 in reply to a question I put to him in the House about the steps he intends to take to shorten the delays which have caused departmental services to become bogged down, and implementing the recommendations of the Heald, sinclair, Chouinard Commission, the minster told me he expected the report of the task force around November 25 or 26.  Can the Minister tell us today whether or not he has taken the necessary steps to increase staff, improve training procedures and make sure that the necessary equipment is now available in order to shorten the delays in which the Gens de l'air are now trapped

Hon. Don Maznkowski (Minister of Transport): Mr. Speaker, I received the report in the week of November 27 and I have accepted it.  It is now the subjectof a proposal which is going before cabinet.  I am confident the the hon. member will be satisfied with the position we are taking.  The implementation is goin on.  I have to tell him, though, that the speed of the implementation process in contingent upon recruitement, training and certification.  Having regard to all those conditions, the schedule for implementation will be taken before cabinet in the next week or so.  I shall be able to report in more detail after that date