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 Recents activities

January 31, 2017

Hon. Serge Joyal: Honourable senators, I'm very privileged today to almost open the debate in this chamber for the new year, starting with this motion. Let me read the motion to you so that everyone understands the symbolic debate we could have. Read the speech

December 14, 2016

Hon. Serge Joyal: Welcome, Madam Minister, to the Senate. I think we cannot underestimate the obstacle and the roadblocks that Canada will have to face in the next four years when we consider the new administration south of the border and the people who will be responsible for environmental policy. Read the question and the answer

December 8, 2016

Hon. Serge Joyal: Honourable senators, I want to propose some reflection before Bill C-29 is sent to committee. I understand that the bill will go to second reading and be sent to committee tomorrow for further discussion. I have some reflections to share with you because this is a very serious bill. It is a bill to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament in March 2016. Read the speech

December 6, 2016


Hon. Serge Joyal: Welcome, madam minister. I listened to you carefully, and I have the impression that you are disconnected with the reality of today and the grand scheme of reforming the system. Read the question and the answer

December 1, 2016

Hon. Serge Joyal: Honourable senators, I give notice that, at the next sitting of the Senate, I will move:

That with Canada celebrating 150 years as a nation and acknowledging the lasting contribution of the first nations, early settlers, and the continuing immigration of peoples from around the world who have made and continue to make Canada the great nation that it is, the Senate urge the Government to commit to establishing a National Portrait Gallery using the former US Embassy across from Parliament Hill as a lasting legacy to mark this important milestone in Canada's history and in recognition of the people who contributed to its success.

November 18, 2016

Senator Joyal was one of the speakers at the seminar organized by The Canadian Study of Parliament Group (CSPG).

This seminar explores the dynamic between the two Houses of Parliament in the legislative process and the relationship between Parliament and the Supreme Court when, as in the case of Bill C-14, Parliament was called upon to legislate in response to a Supreme Court decision, namely Carter v. Canada (Attorney General).

November 2, 2016

Senator Serge Joyal was awarded this November 2nd, 2016 an honorary distinction from the Barreau du Québec. The Advocatus Emeritus distinction "is presented to members who gain distinction as a result of their outstanding professional career, outstanding contribution to the profession or outstanding social and community standing that has brought honour to the legal profession."

 "The law is inextricably linked to the preservation of the humanist values that form the basis of our shared existence, namely, respect for every person's inviolable dignity, freedom to make decisions, and ability to act freely." Serge Joyal