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iPoliticsLIVE's : Sober Thought on Senate Modernization: Examining a Changing State.
October 6, 2016

iPoliticsLIVE's : Sober Thought on Senate Modernization: Examining a Changing State. 

First public discussion on the release of the Senate Modernization Committee report with Committee Chair Senator Thomas McInnis (C-Nova Scotia), Deputy Chair Senator Serge Joyal (Lib. Kennebec-Quebec) and committee member Senator Elaine McCoy (Non-affiliated, Alberta). Watch the video

Documentary film - Collection de costumes et d'accessoires Serge-Joyal (Museum of civilization)
July 19, 2016

Available in French

C-14. Medical Assistance in Dying - Power and Poltics
June 9, 2016

Don Martin's Interview with Senator Joyal. See the Video

Interview with Pierre Donais, CPAC (Tête à Tête)
May 13, 2016

The Revue Politique “Tête à Tête” series delves into the lives of newsmakers, movers and shakers. In these in-depth and personal conversations, Pierre Donais sits down with guests to discuss their life experiences and to reveal what drives them today.

In this episode, Pierre speaks with Liberal senator Serge Joyal. Trained as a lawyer, Mr. Joyal was first elected to the House of Commons in 1974 as the Liberal MP for Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Que. He was subsequently re-elected in 1979 and again in 1980. After holding various positions within the federal government, he was sworn in as a senator in 1997. An arts and culture enthusiast, Mr. Joyal has been involved with numerous cultural organizations across the country over the years.